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Valley Fever and the Haboob

The recent (July, 2011) Haboob made national news and everyone was commenting on Facebook about the amazing weather in Phoenix. To those of us that have lived in Arizona for a long time, this weather is nothing new to us. It does bring to light though some important human and animal risks.

Whenever we have blowing dust, we must always think of Valley Fever. Valley Fever is a fungus that lives in the desert soil and is easily picked up in the wind. It is inhaled into the lungs and can then disseminate to the rest of the body. Signs of Valley fever include but are not limited to; lethargy, weight loss, dry hacking cough, anorexia, or limping. If you are at all concerned about Valley Fever or would like more information about it, please contact us.

Dr. Salemi

Dr. Charles Salemi

Here is a link to an article about the increased risk of Valley Fever after a dust storm.


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