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Specialty Practices Available for our clients

But there are many times where either an abnormal response to a standard treatment or the complexity of a medical or surgical case dictates that we need to refer to a “specialist”.

What is a specialist? In most cases it is a veterinarian with additional training and certification. They may be “Board-Certified”, meaning that they have passed the highest standards of knowledge and care in a given field.

A few of the veterinary associates we refer to have advanced training or interest in a special area of medicine or surgery. Ultimately, the care of your pet is our highest concern. Below are links to some of the Specialists or Specialty Centers to whom we refer:

Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists

Dermatology for Animals

Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists

Eye Care for Animals – Gilbert, AZ

Arizona Veterinary Oncology – Gilbert, AZ

VCA Animal Referral and Emergency Center of Arizona

Todd Lawmaster, DVM (Ultrasounds)

Gary Moody, DVM (Orthopedic and soft tissue surgery)

Melanie Lowrance, DVM (Housecall practice)

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