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Digital Radiographs (X-Rays) and Ultrasound

We have a new updated state of the art digital radiology (x-ray) installed in March of 2020. These x-rays offer the ability to immediately see an image to help us evaluate what is going on with your pet in cases where the doctor feels that it is necessary. We can also upload these images for a board certified radiologist to review.

When a pet is being radiographed, an x-ray beam passes through its body and hits a piece of radiographic film. Images on the film appear as various shades of gray and reflect the anatomy of the animal. Bones, which absorb more x-rays, appear as light gray structures. Soft tissues, such as the lungs, absorb fewer x-rays and appear as dark gray structures. Most pets can be awake during x-rays, however, sometimes pets are too painful or anxious and require sedation. 

Can you count the number of puppies in the x-ray image above?

Ultrasonography, or ultrasound, is a diagnostic imaging technique similar to radiography (X-rays) and is usually used in conjunction with radiography and other diagnostic measures. It allows visualization of the deep structures of the body. Ultrasound is a useful tool for diagnosing many diseases.

To schedule a radiology consultation or appointment for your pet, call us at (480) 899-7738 or click below.

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