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What’s with all of the emails?

We want to be responsive and able to communicate with you. Emails are one of the keys to be able to do this. But if you are like me, you tire of being bombarded with emails.

Our primary uses of emails in our practice:

  1. To relay vital information about your pet’s health status. We often email lab reports to you for your information and safe keeping.

  2. Important reminders of upcoming services that are due for your pet.

  3. Specific handouts or other literature to help you get authoritative information about a condition your pet may have.

  4. Awareness of community issues such as an outbreak if a disease, a pet food recall or something related.

  5. Special offering for our clients on services or products we offer.

Most of our clients genuinely appreciate the information we provide. Others chose to opt out of email notices. The choice is yours. We never want to become a nuisance to you. Please give us feedback on our communication. We are always trying to improve.


Dr. Tenney


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