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We Want Oasis Animal Hospital to be More of a “Cat House”

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Cats are a vital part of many families. We have hundreds of clients that have cats exclusively for pets. Often, cats do not receive the veterinary care that is needed during their lifetime. Since many feline diseases can be difficult to detect, and many cats are “masters of disguise” in hiding any symptoms of illness until it is harder to treat, we strongly encourage families with cats to come into our hospital more often for physical examinations and possible diagnostic work.

Why don’t people bring their cats to the vet more often?

  1. “It is too stressful to bring my cat into your clinic.”

  2. “My cat hates the carrier. I can’t even get him in it!”

  3. “My cat is nervous at the clinic with dogs barking and panting. It stresses her out.”

We are listening to you and are trying to make Oasis Animal Hospital a more “cat-friendly” place. Our constant focus is on inviting cats back into our practice.

Below are some suggestions on how to get your cat into our practice (or even into your carrier) in a less stressful way.

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