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Water additives and their role in preventing dental disease – VOHC approved products

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t find ourselves encouraging and admonishing our clients to brush their dog’s teeth. Just like people, dogs and cats accumulate plaque, develop calculus on the crowns of the teeth and then begin to get more advanced oral and systemic health problems from poor oral hygiene.

What can be done to prevent dental disease in pets?

There is no substitute for brushing or mechanically interrupting the formation and accumulation of plaque. More and more of our clients are making this part of their day or weekly practice with their pets. It really shows when we are performing the annual or semi-annual health exams.

Beyond brushing, many products claim amazing results from using them in dogs and cats.

How can I know what to believe?

The weakest claim for a product’s effectiveness is a testimonial. Though the claim may be 100% factual, there is no independent verification of the claim. Fortunately, there is an independent organization that tests products designed for home care in pets for the prevention of plaque and reduction of calculus in dogs and cats. This organization is called Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). Please refer to this site to learn about the methods used and the products that have received the VOHC seal of approval.


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