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Patient on Apoquel Shows Marked Improvement

Updated: Dec 10, 2021


K.J. before taking Apoquel®

In the never-ending battle with allergies, a powerful new tool has finally become widely available: Apoquel®. Although we have written about this drug before, due the ongoing shortage we could only prescribe Apoquel® to a small number of patients. Thankfully, Apoquel® is now in stock and available. In a recent exam with a patient named K.J., his owner told me about his remarkable improvement to his skin and overall comfort since starting him on Apoquel®. I thought I would share a photo provided by the client from a short time ago in contrast to how his neck appeared during our most recent examination.

Please note, not all of our patients have such dramatic responses. We estimate that 80% of our patients have improved after taking Apoquel®. There are side effects to Apoquel® that we want to make clients aware of as well. If you have questions about this or any other skin issues, please give our office a call.


K.J. while taking Apoquel®

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