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Health Screening Tests

In-House Diagnostics

Oasis Animal Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment which allows our doctor to determine your pets’ diagnosis faster and with begin treatment right away. In-house equipment means we are often able to get results of blood and urine tests while you wait. Standard lab tests for healthy pets is normally sent an outside laboratory. Health screening tests might include a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry, and urinalysis (UA).

Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC) – A complete blood cell count (CBC) provides a microscopic look at the blood itself. Red blood cells carry oxygen and glucose throughout the body. White blood cells are the body’s primary means of fighting infection. Platelets are important for blood clotting.

Blood Chemistry – A blood chemistry panel evaluates the status of the internal organs. Blood chemistries screen for diseases of the organs such as the liver or kidney, for endocrine/metabolic conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disease, and to assess the overall health of the patient.

Urinalysis (UA) – A urinalysis gives us information about the urinary system and also important data on other body systems as well. A urinalysis screens for the presence of urinary tract infection (UTI), diabetes, kidney disease, urinary crystals, and other disease. A urinalysis is an important part of a comprehensive health screening test.

Specialized Tests for Pets

Your veterinarian might recommend health screening tests and other specialized tests be sent to an outside laboratory. These laboratories perform more specialized testing such as Valley Fever titers, endocrine testing, bacteria cultures, tissue biopsies, and etc. Most external test results come back within 24 hours, although some tests might take longer. Our expert team has been caring for pets in Chandler and has the knowledge and experience to ensure your pet is calm and comfortable throughout the process. Contact our team today at (480) 899-7738 or request an appointment.

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