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What do Veterinarians do?

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

While preparing a presentation for a Boy Scout camp on the topic of careers in Veterinary Medicine, I came across the following video. One of my (Dr. Tenney) sons, Trevor graduated from Veterinary School in May, 2016. He is serving in the Army Veterinary Corps.

Personally, what I love the most about my profession is that I can make a difference in the life’s of pets and families on a daily basis. As a general practitioner, I have more variety in a typical day than most other health care professionals. On any given day, I can go from being a radiologist, dentist, surgeon, public health advocate, grief counselor and mentor (we frequently have interns volunteering in our practice as part of their training). My brothers and sisters in human health care tend to specialize in one area of practice. Think about it; when was the last time your physician took X-rays, read (or interpreted) the radiographs, ran diagnostic lab work in their office, provided you with results in less than 30 minutes and took the time to discuss your health concerns. I doubt that you have had that experience.

I am blessed to have a chance to do what I love. Thank you for being our clients and supporting our practice.

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