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ProHeart – a New Alternative to Heartworm Prevention

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

In discussing prevention, our strategy has been to provide a Heartgard Plus, monthly chewable treat that contains a drug that effectively kills any Heartworm larva that may have been injected by a mosquito. But clients often report that they have forgotten to give a dose (or two or three) during the preceding six months or year. This reduces the effectiveness of the preventative treatment.

There is an alternative that is gaining popularity for prevention of Heartworm disease – ProHeart6 and ProHeart12. These are single injections that is administered by our professional staff once every six or twelve months. It takes the worry out of remembering when to give the monthly chewable medicine. When you come to our clinic for your annual Heartworm test, we will discuss this option with you. If you are happy with the monthly chewable medication, there is no need to change. But if you are interested in making sure your pet never misses a “dose” of heartworm prevention in the future, you may want to consider ProHeart6 or ProHeart12.

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