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Parvo Virus…It’s baaaack

Symptoms of parvo can range from mild lethargy and loss of appetite to severe vomiting and bloody diarrhea. There is a confirmatory lab test that we frequently do in our office to verify the diagnosis of parvo . If caught early, medical treatment can greatly improve the survivability of this disease. Without treatment, parvo has been reported to have as high as 91% rate of death. If you are ever concerned that your pet has parvo or if you are noting any of these symptoms, seek immediate evaluation of your pet.

There is no way to prevent your pet from being exposed to Parvo.  Prevention of the full-blown disease is the key. Parvo virus can be prevented by proper vaccinations.  Once fully vaccinated, a booster of the vaccination is administered once per year.  If your pet is not current on his parvo vaccination, call to schedule your appointment today. If you have any questions about parvo, or any of the other diseases we frequently vaccinate for, please let us know.

Thank you, Dr. CJ Boyce

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