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Heartworm disease in Chandler and Gilbert Arizona

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

With the recent storms, there is a huge increase in the mosquito population in the East Valley, especially Chandler and Gilbert. I (Dr. Tenney) know this first-hand as one morning this past week I ventured out into my back yard in the early dawn hours. In less the 15 seconds, I was under a full-blown assault by mosquitoes.

Many of you realize that mosquitoes are required for the transmission heartworm disease. Stagnant pools or water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

There is no vaccine to prevent heartworm disease. The best method of preventing your dogs and cats from contracting it is to have them on a monthly preventative medication. We currently recommend Heartgard Plus in our practice because of it’s known efficacy and ease of getting your pets to take it. It is a tasty beef-flavored treat. In addition, Merial, the maker of Heartgard, backs up their product with a guarantee that if a dog contracts heartworm disease while under our care and in compliance with our recommendations, they will financially assist in the treatment of this pet.

From Sept 24th through October 31, 2015 we are offering a FREE HEARTWORM TEST (value of $25.25) with the purchase of 12 months of Heartgard from us.

Please call for an appointment. (480) 899-7738

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